Who Is Kwansi Cooke?

Born in Newark, NJ, and raised in East Orange, NJ, Kwansi Cooke, prides himself on his success story and his devotion to the advancement of himself and others around him because of it. The multifaceted speaker is a man of many appellations, including a U.S. Army Soldier, Real Estate Investor, Social Media Influencer, and a philanthropist to the youth community. No stranger to adversity, Kwansi grew up surrounded by gang violence in a drug-infested neighborhood, where a young black man was only expected to do 3 things, die, go to jail, or make it out by luck. Instead


of becoming a product of his environment, he decided to choose the path of joining the Military and investing in himself. Beating the odds with no luck but all hard work and determination, he can now call himself a U.S soldier, college graduate, and business owner. Kwansi has dedicated his self to sharing his universal blueprint to mental, financial, and physical success. Gentrifying the phrase "All Work Is Good Work" Kwansi glorifies the understanding that no matter what you do, as long as you bet on your self, put your best foot forward, the outcome will always reciprocate a positive outcome.